Sonnett Comparison Essay

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Amanda Scott English Lit Professor Sanchez 05/20/2012 Sonnet Comparison The purpose of this essay will be to compare and contrast Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” and Shakespears’s “Sonnet 116.” This essay will explain each sonnet and how they are alike and how they are different. William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18” is the best known and most well-loved of all his 154 sonnets. (An Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.) This sonnet is one of the easiest sonnets to understand. It is very straightforward. It talks about love and friendship, and how the power of that love and friendship helps a person get through life. “Sonnet 18” is a very heartfelt piece of work. In this piece the narrator speaks highly of his friends and love and does not offer any hidden sarcasm. Shakespeare's sonnet does use symbolism, however it is very simple and easy to understand. Shakespeare compares love to the beauty of a summers day , and the joy it brings to each and every person. This is an amazing idea of how love and friendship should be!! It is almost refreshing. In this sonnet Shakespeare does mention rough times, however, even though sometimes there are rough times in life, love and friendship will conquer all. “Sonnet 116” is about love in its most pure form. This sonnet is praising the joy of lovers who have come together freely, and enter into a relationship based on trust, love and understanding (An Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.) “Sonnet 116” addresses the meaning of marriage and how it is the most pure thing in the world and if two people are in love then why should they not be married. Much like “Sonnet 18” this sonnet is about love, however, a deeper, purer love. It addresses that love does not alter, no matter the day, time or hour. That love and marriage is based on trust and understanding until the day that we are no longer on this earth together. This is
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