How Is Jealousy Presented in Othello? Essay

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How is jealousy presented in Othello? Othello is a general of the armies of Venice, yet he is unused to the Venetian culture as his background is associated with war. At the beginning of the play Othello and Desdemona, who are passionately in love, are travelling in separate ships. They then meet again, excited and happy, to see each other in Cyprus. They show an equal understanding for each other at this point in their greetings. They both refer to each other as “My fair warrior!” and “My dear Othello!” which shows ownership, that they are married and they do not see either of them being higher in power than the other, they see themselves as equals. This scene also shows the beginning of Othello’s extreme and dramatic personality. He goes over the top saying Desdemona is his “Soul’s joy” and that even if they were to die right at that moment he would still be a happy man. This builds up the two characters relationship, showing how close they are to each other. A huge personality contrast from Othello and Desdemona is then showed in 2.1.299 where Iago is introduced. He is shown as two faced right from the first meeting, due to as soon as Othello leaves, Iago talks of him behind his back, plotting against him referring to him as “The Moor”. He talks in a jealous manner he is angered and distraught by Cassio’s promotion over him and he his starting to suspect that Othello and his wife, Amelia, have had an affair. This is when his plan is first formed from lies and misinterpreted events. Iago then proceeds to carry out his plan. He shows himself to Othello as an honest and loyal friend. Othello questions him on his thoughts but Iago pretends to pull back not wanting to hurt his feelings “Nothing my lord; or if- I know not what.” This is first planting seeds of doubt to Othello, making him more curious without having to reveal any information at all, this angers

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