Commentary on Shakespeares Hamlet, Lines 10 52

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Commentary on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Lines 10 – 52 In this passage, the audience witnesses a conversation between Laertes and Ophelia, who are brother and sister. This passage is an important one as it reveals something about the relationship between the two siblings and through this; aspects of their character are also learnt. Furthermore, Shakespeare demonstrates aspects of Hamlet, and how these two characters feel about him through their contrasting opinions. There is also a lot of effective use of language, especially imagery, full of powerful contrast, military imagery as well as virginity imagery. The style of Laertes speech further adds to the success of this dialogue, and so does Ophelia’s. Shakespeare expresses Laertes and Ophelia to have an open and caring relationship, which is demonstrated by this scene. Laertes is protective of Ophelia, providing overprotective, genuine advice all the way through. For example, ‘keep you in the rear of your affection’. He is a caring brother and addresses her as his ‘dear sister’. This highlights his affection and the closeness of their relationship. This open relationship is obvious when we look at the topic of conversation as they willingly discuss matters of Ophelia’s virginity, ‘chariest maid’. However, this can also be perceived as blunt. It is also apparent when he says, ‘if he says he loves you, /It fits your wisdom so far to believe it’, paying little attention to the way this is affecting Ophelia’s emotions. Furthermore, he begins his speech with, ‘Think it no more’, not considering what this would mean for Ophelia, and on top of this, one of his tactics to get Ophelia to obey him is to scare her, ‘but you must fear’. Therefore, although trying to be truthful, this honesty comes across as blunt and hurtful. Even though he worries about his sisters feelings and pride enough to warn her away from Hamlet, he is
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