Secret Sorrow And A Sorrowful Woman

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When authors write women’s literature they have options of either writing romance or realism. In a romance story the main characters or hero and heroine end up together and live happily ever after as in a fairytale. On the other hand in a realism story the author makes us face reality of life. In A Secret Sorrow by van der Zee and A Sorrowful Woman by Godwin they both have many similarities but also many differences. One story is what we would call “Romance Literature” and the other one is more “Realism”, in one the characters names are given and the other they just go by “the husband” and “the wife.” The way both male characters express their feeling or love to their wives is completely different from each other, although they both do love them like crazy. The story by van der Zee is romance literature because of the intimate scenes and it has a happy ending, because Faye lives happily ever after with the love of her life “Kai”, after all they have been through. I believe the name Faye is a very pretty name and that has something to do why van der Zee used it in a romance story. Unlike A Secret Sorrow, in A Sorrowful Woman the characters names are not given and there are no scenes were “the husband” and “the wife” are intimate. In this story the wife seems to not be happy with her family and ends up dying at the end. In both the stories both men love their wives very much. In van der Zee’s, Kai stays with Faye after finding out that she can’t have his children, knowing how much had wanted to have kids with her. By him staying with Faye goes to show that nothing can break what they have or feel for each other and that to me is “romantic” or true love. In A Sorrowful Woman “the husband” shows his wife that he “understands” and truly loves her by doing everything she asks him to do. Most men wouldn’t do that; they would get tired of it and leave or ruin their

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