Sonnet 147 & 18

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The themes are similar yet different. One theme says that as long the poem is still “alive” then so is she and the other is appearance isn’t everything. The two poems “Sonnet 147” and “Sonnet 18” by Shakespeare both express a love but there is a difference between the ways the speaker describes the love in both poems. In Sonnet 147 the speaker describes the love to be a burden, and suffering. It is clear appearance isn’t everything. In Sonnet 18 the speaker says that as long as the poem is still being read then the beauty of it still lives, which shows that poetry can preserve love and is immortal. Sonnet 147 is a poem that’s starts describing a beautiful person but ends but saying that she is basically the devil. This supports the poem’s theme: appearances isn’t everything. The speaker was deceived buy her beauty and soon came to realize that one doesn’t just judge someone by someone’s beauty and that person’s personality counts too. The poet shifts in the poem to say, “Desire is death, which physic did except”. This is when the speaker realizes that the speakers’ reason or “physician” was right but it was already too late. The speaker starts to regret not listening to the physician because the speaker has come to the fact that the speakers’ desire is death. This all led back to the theme that the speaker just judged her without realizing she isn’t a good person, but she is like his poison. The speaker starts to go crazy, trying to tell himself that the truth is lie. The speaker wants a cure/help to rid himself from the love that is a now the cause of the speakers suffering, “Past cure I am, now Reason is past cure”. After the speaker comes to face the fact that there is nothing he can do about anything the speaker decides that he is going crazy. In Sonnet 18 the speaker has someone that is beautiful and that the speaker loves and he shows it through the poem.
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