Song Analysis of "Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift

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One of Taylor Swift’s most famous songs, “Eyes Open,” which was written for the movie ‘The Hunger Games,’ is very different from most of her songs. This song was written under the theme of how you will have to look back and keep your eyes open for anything that comes your way, unlike many of her other songs, and I strongly agree with it. First of all, I agree with my theme because it happens to everybody all the time. This is not something new to anyone because, in life, there will be moments where you will be watched and judged for things that you may or may not have done. A lot of people can relate to this since this may be the way they are treated on a daily basis which is why you need to keep your eyes open for anything that comes your way. There are also some lines in the song that stand out and give a very strong meaning. The first is “where everybody stands and keeps score.” It is telling us, as people, that, in real life, there will be people who judge you and constantly try to make you fall; and suddenly, you know that you must look behind yourself and you have to be ready to let go of everything, just to fight and defend yourself because no one is going to do that for you like when you were a child. This line is a metaphor for what happens when you step into real life and realize that everything depends on you, while, in your early years, you had always thought that you were strong enough to face it all but it actually turns out that it’s very different from how you imagined it. Another line, which is in the chorus, also supports this theme. This line is “everybody’s waiting to see you break down; everybody’s watching to see the fallout.” This message of this line refers to growing up, as well. When you’re in the spotlight, whether it’s becoming a celebrity or even just doing something that, maybe, others can’t, everyone is watching your every move
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