Solution to World Hunger

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The world is full of hunger, 13.1 percent, or almost 1 in 7 people are starving in the world today suffer from starvation. Hunger is not only in 3rd world countries but it is in the United States too. 1 out of 6 people in the United States struggle to get food every day. The worst thing is that there are multiple ways to end hunger. We as a world have 2 directions to go, we could ether mass produce food on a larger scale or we could produce higher quality food that makes a person able to eat less for the same amount of nutrients. Firstly, mass production is one way of eliminating hunger from the world, there are many benefits to doing it this way such as more people could fell full every night and more people could afford to feel full. For example, according to when the human bodies feel full is when cholecystokinin is introduced into the body, cells in the duodenum release cholecystokinin into the duodenum where it activates enzymes to digest the food and it also slows the rate in which our body can process the food so it makes us feel full. So if we had more food we could feel full and have the right amount of nutrients. Another reason to mass produce food is that the food would be less expensive and more people could afford it. According to, the average income around the world is 7,000 dollars a year. There is only 19 percent of the world’s population that live in a country with an average income that high. The world has problems and there are solutions millions of people are starving and billions are not making close to enough money to support themselves or their families in a first or secant world country. Secondly, mass production has some major problems to mass producing food such as disease and how unhealthy it would be if you could only buy a little. For example, according to there are major problems in

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