Dieting Controversy Paul Campos Analysis

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Dieting Controversy Our society considers fat people, both overweight and obese individuals, to be unhealthy and at a greater risk of having an early death. Personally, I do not understand why they are even looked down upon. I believe Paul Campos’ thesis statement is that the actual number of a person’s weight does not determine if the person is fat; rather it is the person’s lifestyle and daily routines that effect their life span and health. One topic sentence I chose is concerning the “body mass index” (BMI), this is a number determined by calculating an individual’s weight divided by his or her height. BMI has nothing to do with the fat content. It doesn’t actually measure the percentage of body fat it gives an unsupported label of obesity.…show more content…
Campos focuses on the studies that prove this theory. According to studies done with rats on low-calorie diets, “Put people on crash diets and they’ll gain back more weight than they lost,” Ernsberger has said (20). I feel that crash dieting defeats the actual purpose of dieting. For example, when you stop crash dieting and return to eating normally, you gain more weight than if you did not diet at all. I cannot comprehend why people purchase expensive diet pills, shakes, bars, and meals. The end result is you will gain more weight unless you keep up with them. My suggestion is to eat a healthy meal and maintain a daily routine, and then you will not be throwing your money away on temporary fixes. I say just eat a healthy meal and maintain a daily routine and you won’t need to spend all your hard earned money on all the fast diet solutions. Gaesser indicates, “what most studies that find a correlation between higher mortality and higher body mass relay demonstrates a correlation between higher mortality and higher rates of dieting and diet-drug use” (21). As long as people continue the current beliefs, the diet market will profit and

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