Solarium's Should Be Banned

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Solariums should be banned Each year over 1 million people around the world the world use solariums. That estimates about 4000 people per day. Using Solariums results in 1 in 6 people get melanomas. In total 7,215 people get melanomas each year, yet we still allow them to be used. What has to be done before we shut down these horrid creations? In Australia skin cancer, particularly melanomas are one of the leading causes of death each year. Resulting in 1900 deaths from 2009 – 2012. It cost health insurance companies approx. 8 million dollars each year to treat patients who have developed health issues, based on solarium use. Which also suggests why many governments are going corrupt – money doesn’t grow on trees. Spending up to 20 minutes under the solariums ultra violet rays (UV rays) is the equivalent of spending a whole day baking in the hot sun. Tanning is skin cells in trauma. Once a skin cell is damaged, the results are irreversible. The lighter (fairer) your skin is the easier it’ll burn. New rules and regulations for solarium use, restrict people with type 1 (fair skin) from using the solarium; as they are most likely to get burnt. People who use solariums before the age of 35 have 75% greater risk of getting a melanoma, than people who don’t. Why do thousands of people continue to fry their skin? That’s not all using a solarium can do. Spending many hours under the harsh UV rays of a solarium, which are six times as strong as the midday sun, can also cause; permanent eye damage, and in severe cases can cause blindness, rashes and blistering of skin; when a sensitive piece of skin tissue is left under the UV lights can cause rashes, permanent scars and ages the skin, leaving skin droopy and unmuscular skin. A recent study shows (16th of November 2012) Out of a poll of 3595 people, 74% of them agreed that Solariums should be banned. People claiming that
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