Narrative Vs Powerpoint

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Name (s)_____________Kari Wachter___________________________________________ Project ____Implementing a federal law for smoke-free cars occupied by minors______ Narrative or PowerPoint Each student will do an individual project of interest to the student requiring in-depth study and research which focuses on an aspect of the law affecting healthcare. The project will be presented in two forms: a) a written document, submitted to the instructor as a narrative paper, and b) a presentation summarizing the written document presented during class as slides on PowerPoint. The presentation should be about 5 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions. The student can earn up to 75 total points, 50 for the paper and 25 for the class presentation. To earn points in the project the student must in both the paper and presentation: Explain why the existing situation is a problem; who, how, and what it negatively impacts, and why it needs changing. -Everyday children are involuntarily exposed to second hand smoke (SHS) whether it be from…show more content…
There will be no progress on the health of children that fall victim to SHS if nothing is ever put in place to stop it. It has been found that almost 60% of U.S. children from the age of 3-11 years of age, or around 22 million children are exposed. This is causing 790,000 doctor appointments for children with ear infections annually as well as 7,500 to 15,000 hospitalizations per year. The Environmental Protection Agency reported in 2008 that the medical cost for children exposed to second hand smoke is a total of more that $700 million per year. With this legislation being made into a federal law by Congress that all states must implement, it will not only save the health of children being exposed but also save the family and tax payers
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