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History of Minority Populations Paper LaTrilla Cassey BSHS/302 January 23, 2012 University of Phoenix History of Minority Populations Paper Article 1 Jane Addams (2011, March). In Children and Youth Services Review. Understanding the child welfare system. ScienceDirect. This editorial gives you more knowledge about the conditions that children are being put through in the child welfare system. It allows you to over look the diverse status that set aside the intention document and procedure inside the states that is generally require. It shows you the various actions in child welfare based on cultural and tribal environment. It will exemplify the lack of correspondence, the best support and the most influence action in the child…show more content…
It speak about how youth adults be capable of managing their temper before they make a choice they will one day regret. By recognizing what pushes their buttons and trying to steer clear from what set them off, it will help the adolescence control what they are feeling. Showing them different method will allow them to have power over their temper. Article 3 Coulter, D. (1997, June). Help teens get a grip on anger. Kingston Whig-Standard, (), . ProQuest This article was about a psychologist who facilitate different programs on anger management for youths. It speaks about how anger passes down from relatives and the adjustments have to not only come from the teen but others as well It suggests having the close relatives need take a reminder class in parenting at the same time as the adolescence go to an anger management course. Most youths don’t know how to communicate how they are feeling correctly, and these classes will teach them how to do so manage their raged. Article 4 TeensHealth. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.kidshealth.org This website has a bunch of information on the children wellbeing. This part of the site centers on youngsters and dealing with the issues of raged. It has a section on when rage burst, tools to suppress their anger issues, a 5-step way to move toward managing anger. and when to inquire additional…show more content…
Many reasons for a teenager to demonstrate anger and violent behavior are discussed. Factors such as research, social stress and many additional can be the cause of a teen’s anger. It is believed rage and hostility can become steady in time and cause disruptive behavior and wrongdoing in the following years. According to the article it is also believed that the cognitive behavioral method is a very valuable one, however numerous different techniques are used with this. Rest and disturbance are just two out of various others. Research has been completed but some think this approach has some restrictions. Further study needs to be done on this

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