What Are The Pros And Cons For Immigration Reform

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IMMIGRATION REFORM BY THE NUMBERS As we all know or should know that congress is trying to pass a new Immigration Reform Bill and it has passed in the Senate by 68-32 and we are waiting for the House to vote on the bill. So let’s run through some numbers and then each and every one of us may have a little more insight on what is going on in our government dealing with this very important issue in the US.. I. There are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the US today A. 90% of those have been in the US for more than 5 years. B. 92 to 98% of illegal immigrants keep trying to cross our borders until they succeed. C. 5607 individuals have died in the last 15 years attempted to immigrate to the US. 1. that is more than 1 person a day everyday for 15 years.…show more content…
III. The new immigration reform is said to going to cost approximately $5.3 trillion dollars. A. It is said that the bill will increase GDP $1.5 trillion dollars in 10 years, and Increase personal income and raise an additional $4.5-$5.5 billion dollars in Tax revenue in the first 3 years of implementation of the new bill. B. If the bill does not pass and the government tries to do a mass deportation it Will cost $285 billion dollars for 11 million illegal immigrants in 5 years which would Increase taxes for every man woman and child by $922 and would cost the US $2.6 Trillion dollars in lost GDP over the next 10 years. Question 1 What is the difference between the US Border Patrol Agency and the US Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency? Answer: Border Patrol deals strictly the borders of the US. The Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency deals with immigration issues in the interior of the country. Question 2 What was the vote count in the Senate to pass the Immigration Reform Bill. Answer: 68 Ya’s 32

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