Solar System Scavenger Hunt Answers

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Solar System Scavenger Hunt – submit to the dropbox once you have completed the quiz. You must submit the form to get credit for the quiz. Websites to help you get started. You may use others. use search window to search for topics |What is the hottest planet in our solar system? |Venus | |Which planet has the most…show more content…
|The red spot is a huge wind storm | |Which planets have rings? What are the rings made of? |Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune…show more content…
Why is this significant |Carbon Dioxide | |(hint: see #1)? | | |Phobos is a “doomed” moon of Mars. Why is it doomed? |It’s spiraling towards mars and will eventually hit it | |What moon is the most volcanically active body in the solar |Lo, Jupiter | |system? Which planet does it orbit? | | |Pictures of the moon Europa show large cracks. What causes these |Tectonic stress | |cracks? | | |Which moon is the largest satellite in the solar system? Which |Ganyemede, Jupiter

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