Geology Quiz

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1. Geology is_____________. (Chose the best choice) a. The Study of the Earth: Rocks, Volcanoes, Mountians, etc. b. The Study of Ants c. A Pepsi Drink d. The Study of a few rocks i. A. The most logical answer is A. Geology is the study of the earth and how it works 2. The Moon’s material is from______. a. The earth during the time in started to form b. Kraft Foods c. An aliean manufaturing company d. Uncle Joe i. A. The most logical answer is A. When the earth was just starting to form a big astoride hit earth and a large amount of material flew off to form the moon. 3. Sunlight is created from_______ a. Sun light Bulbs b. Thomas Edison c. Yo Moma d. Energy from Nuclear Fusion i. D. Sunlight is the energy that is released when a nuclear reaction causes hydrogen to form in to helium 4. We have a book manual…show more content…
The earth is solid at the core and becomes liquid untill the crust which rest on the athenosphere which flows. a. True b. False i. True. The earth has a solid inner core, liquid outer core and an athensophere that flows with the crust sitting on top. Unit 3 1. Cedar lakes is the cleanest and deepest lake in the United states a. True b. Flase i. True. Cedar Lake sits in a volcanic creater and is consider one of the most cleanest and deepest lakes the United States has to offer 2. Cedar Lake is located in China a. True b. False i. Ceadr Lake is located in Cedar Lake, Oregon 3. The lithosphere and asthenosphere are______. a. Liquids b. Food c. A type of fish d. Solids i. D. The lithosphere and asthenosphere are solids and sometimes liquid rock can seep through the cracks of the asthenosphere 4. The earth is made up of two plates that do not move a. True b. False i. False. The earth has tons of plates the move apart, smash together, and slide by each other, sometimes causing earthquakes, volcanoes and avalanches. 5. I love Geology a. True b. False i. True. If answered False, then you will make Dr. Alley very very
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