Socs vs. Greasers

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Deantha McKoy 08/18/14 Summer Reading Assignment: The Outsiders by S.E Hinton Chapter 1: On his way home from the movie theatre, Ponyboy is jumped by a group of Socs, a gang comprised o rich West-side boys. Ponyboy is saved by the Greasers, a gang of poor East-side boys, before too much damage is done. He escapes with minor cuts and scrapes. This is the first time the Socs and Greaser rivalry is introduced. Ponyboy also describes the Greaser gang and his relationships with the boys in it. Chapter 2: Ponyboy and Johnny met Dally and hung around town with him before the trio stopped at the Nightly Double drive-in movie theatre. There they meet Marcia and Sherri (Cherry) Valance, two Soc girls. Dally begins to egg on the girls until Johnny stops him. Dally stomps off as Ponyboy and Johnny begin to acquaint themselves with the young Soc girls. Ponyboy and Cherry hit it off. Chapter 3: The boys walk the Soc girls home. While walking, Ponyboy realizes the Socs aren't much different from them with just emotion separating the Greasers and the Socs; too much and lack thereof. Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends pick them up where a fight almost ensues. Ponyboy comes home late and is berated and slapped by Darry. He leaves, contemplating running away with Johnny. Chapter 4: Johnny and Ponyboy take a late night stroll around the park to help Ponyboy cool off. Instead, they encounter 5 Socs who nearly drown Ponyboy. Johnny saves him by stabbing Bob with his switchblade while the other Socs ran off. Ponyboy and Johnny look to Dally to help them escape before

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