Water for Elephants

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Water For Elephants Water For Elephants, written by Sara Gruen, is a story about a 24-year-old young man named Jacob Jankowski who struggles to get his life together after the death of his parents. When his parents pass away in a car accident, Jacob joins the circus and falls in love with the director’s wife, Marlena. Jacob struggles throughout the story attempting to fit in with the rest of the people and convince Marlena to leave August and move away with him. Five years after the book was written, the movie Water for Elephants was released. They both have followed the same plot but were significantly different. There are three major differences between the book and the movie; the love between Jacob and Marlena, the chronological change from Old and Young, and the depiction of the Great American Depression. One of the major differences between the book and the movie is the emotional and love aspect of each. The film starts with Jacob’s parents passing away then quickly transitions towards the circus, when Jacob falls in love with Marlena the second he lays eyes on her. In one particular part of the movie when Jacob first sees Marlena, the entire mood of the story changes. There is an emotional change in his character, from a sad depressed Jacob who just lost his parents to a happy Jacob who just found the love of his life. Sara introduces Jacob as a young man who is taking a test in order to get into a prestige college. An unfortunate event leads him to run away and join the circus. Throughout the book, Jacob is shown talking about Marlena. But what we don’t see are his emotions and feelings towards Marlena. The reader has control of what he/she imagines and pictures about the characters, yet the movie illustrates how the directors exemplify the characters. Therefore, the book did not portray a love story but rather Jacob struggling with the loss of his

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