Greasy Lake Essay

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Charles Pohlmann English 1302 Professor Barr 6/27/12 Greasy Lake Research Paper Analysis T.C. Boyle’s short story, Greasy Lake, symbolizes what can happen when three 19 year old boys think that they are invincible, so they foolishly spend a night out at a lake where the events take place unexpectedly. The events the narrator describes take place on the third night of summer when they drove up to a car at Greasy Lake. The boys think that the car belongs to their friend Tony, but instead the car belongs to one of the town hoods. The author uses a suspenseful plot, the setting , and the narrator’s point of view which details explicit events that lead the reader beyond his imagination to wonder what is next to develop as the plot thickens. Through his writing, Boyle uses these three literary elements to teach the lesson that rebellious behavior leads to trouble and consequences. In the beginning of the story, the author opens up the story portraying the characters as bad boys. “We wore torn-up leather jackets, slouched around with toothpicks in our mouths, sniffed glue and ether and what somebody claimed was cocaine” (Boyle 77).The boys think they are a representation for coolness, supported by an article from Gale Research which says “the narrator and his fellow initiates believe they are acting cool; they roll their own marijuana cigarettes and are smooth dancers; they wear their sunglasses day and night, inside and out”. “The boys think they are truly bad characters. Everything is going well on the third night of summer, until the boys decide to head up to Greasy Lake for some late night fun. They arrive at Greasy Lake and trouble begins. The boys drove up and thought they spotted a friend’s car, but instead the car belonged to a real bad character named bobby, a “man of action in steel- toed boots, who furious at the interruption comes out kicking”
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