Sociology and the World - How Has It Evolved

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Sociology and the World How has it Evolved Alexandra Methot Sociological Analysis May 11, 2011 Sociology is defined as the systematic study of human and social interactions (Murray, 2011). The many branches of sociological theory provide a broad and varying view of society, encompassing all human interactions from the micro level to the macro level. Sociology is all around us. It aids in our enhanced understanding of the world and the different views within it. The first sociological perspective, structural factualism, was established by Auguste Comte. Comte discussed the stages that societal knowledge must surpass, with significance on logical reasoning, as well as society as a structure and how it is composed of many parts (Murray, 2011). Herbert Spencer compared the structure of society to a human body due to the contribution of the many organs it takes to sustain life. Max Weber, one of the symbolic interactionists introduced the approach that society is a product of individual interactions (Murray, 2011). Central conflict theorist Karl Marx asserted that society is not a harmonious system, but riddled with unfairness, conflict and disorder. Prominent feminist theorist Harriet Martineau insisted that inequality toward women was especially prevalent in the flawed society, and that there should be equal rights among all humans (Murray, 2011). During The Enlightenment, French Revolution, and society’s Industrialization sociology developed into the multi-faceted field it is today. The study of sociology continues to be very
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