Assess the View That Society Exists in a State of Conflict

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Some sociologists would say that society does exist in a state of conflict, they would support this with views of feminism and Marxism. However other sociologists may argue that society exists in a state of consensus, where everyone is in agreement, this is known as functionalism. Marxism is a description of how the world is, and an ideology of how Karl Marx thought the world should become. Marxism explains that there is inequality between the classes; the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Marxists believe the ruling class (bourgeoisie) have all the power and wealth over the working class (proletariat). They believe the only way to change the economic structure and class inequality is to become a communist society, where everyone is finally equal. Marxists believe that a communist society would be the perfect world as everyone would have what they need, and there would be no need for conflict between classes. Marx explains that for communism to overthrow capitalism the proletariat must overthrow the bourgeoisie, which means removing the false consciousness which allows them to think that class inequality is acceptable and replacing it with class consciousness where workers become aware of the inequality. Marxists also think society is in a constant state of hegemony, which is the balance in the struggle for power between different social groups, this is support for the idea that society exists in a state of conflict, as hegemony is the idea that minority social groups are constantly fighting against, and being oppressed by the dominant ideology in society, in Britain the dominant ideology is led by white middle class males, which means anyone who is not a white middle class male is oppressed by their dominant ideology. Marxist feminism argues that people aren’t just oppressed due to class but also due to their gender. Marxist feminism looks at women’s oppression in

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