Asses the Relationship Between Social Policy and Sociology

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Social policy is government principles and legislation designed to deal with social problems like crime and poverty. However opinions from sociologists all vary on this matter because some believe that their research should feed into policy; whereas others are in the opinion that sociologists must find out what is happening, why it is happening and what can be done to solve the problem. There are many things that influence sociology on policy for example globalisation and policy preferences of the government at the time. This essay is going to examine the relationship between sociology and social policy. Positivists and functionalists such as Durkheim and Comte view sociology as a science and they argue that sociology can discover all the social problems. This theory believes that the state serves the interest of everyone and policies must be introduced that fit everyone. For that reason they like piecemeal engineering, which is the idea of tackling one social problem at a time. However Marxists criticise this vies as they argue that educational policies are aimed at equalising opportunity but not reducing poverty; therefore this weakens the view given by the functionalists that the state serves the interests of everyone. However functionalist still believe that sociology and social policy now have a strong relationship. Bolwby is in agreement with this view as he argues that sociological ideas have a lot of influence on social policy that they usually become main stream. An example of this is the mother and child relationship which is an accepted reason for youth problems and policies have accepted that. From the social democratic perspective, sociology and social policy can work closely together but the political impact is determined by the political stance of the government. They argue that sociology can bring about effective policies and sociologists should
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