Sociological Perspective On Prostitution

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For our second discussion forum on sociological perspectives, we were to put ourselves into the shoes of a sociologist who uses the conflict perspective to interpret the practice of prostitution. We were then to contrast that with the view of a functionalist. Then we were asked to think if our comments would be different if we took a feminist view, and if so, how. Then we are to respond to at least two of our classmates’ postings. Hmmm, here goes. As a sociologist who views society via conflict, I say prostitution is the result of a lack of government social programs for low income families. The everyday strugglesjust to survive among the poor in this country (and others) propels these young people to the streets to earn a living. The church organizations are not doing enough to provide for these people either. Law enforcement does not do enough to enforce the laws that should keep these individuals off the street corners. If the families of these people had the proper social support structure, they would have…show more content…
These select groups of society range from the shy to the extremely rich, single people and married. For whatever reason, these people need the services of prostitutes. The prostitutes need the funds generated by their profession to provide for their families, their studies, or worse, their habit. None the less, each is dependent on each other, that is there is a customer, and there is a service provider. The money earned by the prostitutes helps to support the local economy as well, they need to eat so they either buy groceries at the local market, or they eat in the local restaurants, which then helps to pay the salaries ofthe employees who work there. When one looks at the profession of prostitution as a business versus the moral implications tied to it, there is a compelling argument that the good of the profession could outweigh the

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