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Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development BSBWOR501A Assessment activity 1 Part A 1. Two characteristics of a positive role model are: * demonstrate sympathy and forgiveness * be able to develop efficient habits Sympathy: Working at the «Absynthe» restaurant I used to be at the different roles as a worker. Started from waitress that was a simpliest one and did not suppose to have many cirtain skills. When a quiet period started it wasn’t nessesarily to keep a lot of staff so our boss decided to cut the staff off. I was in a bad position as long as I was less experienced then other team members. But I was passionate of this job and learned many things day buy day treated my job not just the way to get money but as a good place to get a qualification and become a professional in hospitality industry. The manager was noticing it and had a conversation with the boss to explain my potential and why they should keep me but others. Forgiveness: We hired new waitress who did not really cares about doing her job properly and deliver excellent customer survice that everyone has to do at the fine dining restaurant. She did everything what I told her to do but did not tried to grow up and not to make me always keep an eye on her to make sure everything done giving me double work. To consider it I suggested to the boss replaced her to make her responsible for the bar so she kept her job and team work bacame more effective. Efficient habits: Our team at the ‘Absynthe’ finally included only two workers FOH. Surprisingly we did our job much better than it used to be before with team of 3 more people. We learned to share responsibilities and communicate just with sights did not waste the time to figure things out and arguing. it took us a bit time but the result was excellent. 2. To do list: * Work * Gym * French *

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