Societys Influence On Self Image

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What is beauty? What does it mean to feel beautiful, to be beautiful and to act beautiful? Beauty is the face of the mind. In the society of today, the world is full of preconceived notions, judgements and idealistic expectations as to what beauty is. Society influences women, men and children into a manipulation process forcing them to examine flaws in the comparison of physical appearance. The depiction of “the perfect appearance” becomes an unrealistic and unattainable aim which women, men and children strive for in order to feel satisfied with their physical appearance. Key pieces of society greatly influence how the world perceives themself through comparisons, expectations and judgements. Stuck in a world of comparison, one is constantly comparing themself to others through examination of the physical beauty which is becoming more and more deteriorating year after year. One is pressured under the expectation to be perfect and to obtain the ideal beauty. And one is constantly judging themself and others through the depiction of physical flaws and beauties. Thus, Society forces one to constantly criticize their every aspect with the pressure to be perfect in order to be satisfied. First off, the ideal image is the striving unattainable and unrealistic beauty that society proclaims “perfection” which causes women, men and children to feel pressure and dissatisfaction with their self-observation. The media plays a major role in society’s portrayal of the ideal beauty through television, magazines, billboards and commercials. The unrealistic ideal beauty is placed throughout advertisements to persuade people into the use of their products. Such as…… (this, this and this). The media makes the world believe the ideal beauty to be unattainable which causes constant dissatisfaction with physical appearances. The media places unrealistic tall and thin models into

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