How Ads Objectify Women and Men

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Zack Molloy Professor Kranzler CMP 115 November 16, 2014 How Ads Objectify Women and Men According to Jean Kilbourne, in her article, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence” women are objectified from ads; men are objectified also from the ads. Kilbourne talks about how the ads are a problem to women and men because they are provocative and objectify how men and women should be looked at. An ad for “Suit Supply” objectifies how women are looked at and how they can be treated. Women are advertised much different then men are. Ads objectify women by misrepresenting them. Ads only have really good-looking women on them and almost naked. This creates standards for women to try and become that way. Ads make people think all women should be able to look like the women on these ads. Also some ads make women look vulnerable and that they want to be dominated by men. “Men conquer and women ensnare, always with the essential aid of a product”(459). Men always are dominating the women in the ads and influences men in a bad way. Some ads also show women with barely any clothing either being threatened or abused with a man in a suit, making him look rich. It makes women seem like all they care about is being with a wealthy men and that they use their body to achieve this. Making women seem like all they care about is being with a wealthy powerful man. The ads are a problem for women in many ways. The ads make women look at themselves much harder on themselves and think that they don’t look good enough. Also these ads make women look like they like to be dominated by men, making men think its okay to abuse women. According to Kilbourne, “Men are also encouraged to never take no for an answer. Ad after ad implies that girls and women don’t really mean “no” when they say it, that women are only teasing when they resist men’s advances.”(462) This

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