Socialization and Mass Media Essay

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First of all we have to identify and define what “mass media” is. Mass media can be defined as “the methods and organizations used by specialist social groups to convey messages to large socially mixed and widely dispersed audience. That means it transmit knowledge directly to the society which asserts that it plays a significant role in society by conveying messages and knowledge directly. The most important fact is that it doesn’t transmit knowledge indirectly, but directly. When it comes to direct transmission of knowledge that proves that mass media is a n important phenomenon in the modern society. The next aspect we have to identify and define is “socialization”. It’s also another important phenomenon in the society which makes people more effective actors in a given society. Socialization is “the process which people learn about the expectations in a given society”. According to Peter Berger socialization is the social control. He says that people live in a society and also society lives in people and that’s what you mention as socialization. From this process it makes the path for a better socialization and according to many scholars socialization process depends on mass media other than rest of the socialization agents, such as religion, family, cultural values and etc, which has its own good and bad impacts. However mass media has played a significant role in the modern society to the process of human socialization. The next point that has to discuss is, how mass media has played the above mentioned significant role in the process of human socialization. According to my opinion socialization and mass media has its own neediness together. This means that without mass media, people will not be able to socialize deeply which has many advantages but superficially. In the mean time without socialization process and if there’s no such a phenomenon called

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