Socialist Action Party Image Analysis

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2. This image relates to the Socialist Action Party because it showcases a group of protestors promoting Socialist Action. The sign reads “ Troops out Now” this is significant to the party because they are also anti-war. The Socialist Action Party belives that war will not solve anything, it will just increase the struggles of the world. 3. This image relates to the political party because it tells the citizens to vote for the Socialist Action Party. They want the citizens to hear their voices so that they can have a greater chance in competing in the general election. This will boost up their chances of a green party being nominated in the election. Tweets 1. “ gov’t thinks they know what we need, what do we need? Why haven’t our needs been met? @presidentobama #wcousa” * This tweet is significant to the Socialist Action Party because its telling us that…show more content…
“to make the world a better place, we have to extend democracy to every level of society @presidentobama #people” * This is significant to the Socialist Action Party because they believe that the government should give equal finance oppurtunies to all levels of society. The party would like for everybody to be treated the same and everyonce should be offered the same thing. You cant just extend democracy to a certain group of people, you have to extend it to everyone. 6. “modern history is divided between the working class and the capitol class” * This is significant to the Socialist Action Party because people in the USA are divided by working titles, and this party wants to deplete that. The party wants to deplete this division and create a better society by creating better workers. They can work with employee and instill in them the qualities of being a good worker. This will therefore deplete the division because now everyone will have what it takes. 7. “There is only ONE way to eliminate the evils of capitolsim and that is thru getting a social economy
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