History M01b Research Paper

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Yazan Samaro Professor Beluris History M01B December 4, 2011 Paper #4 As the leader of 6,000 inhabitants at Moorpark, California I plan to reconstruct society from what I have learned in History M01B. I would start out by explaining the importance of freedom and nationalism to my people to create an efficient political system. John Lock’s theories about the equality of independence of man are important for the citizens to understand that my political system will defend their natural rights of life, liberty and property no matter what ethnicity or gender they are. I think Lenin’s nationalist ideas can create unity and equality between the state and its people, working together. This means that my political system will consist of me as their leader along with my party that can be voted into office by the 6000 people remaining. Lenin’s style of leadership and views on economics, religion and politics would be successful in this new world because there won’t be class warfare, religious conflicts or political corruption.…show more content…
There wont be any division of classes. Businesses and farms will be owned by the state workers and managers, and they will both have the same salary’s and pay the same taxes to the state. I think this type of economic system would be successful because every citizen will live in good conditions through their services to the state and work in friendly environments with no inequalities. This would lead to less corruption and satisfy everyone’s needs. Production will increase significantly as well and create growth in the new world. I would make renewable resources as the only resource keep recycling and clean and keep earth eco friendly as much as
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