How Can Democracy Be Enhanced

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How can democracy be enhanced? The UK has a system of politics that is largely based around the theory of majoritarian politics – First Past the Post. This where the majority of the country is catered for and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Democracy was first originated from the ancient Greeks. Demos and Crasos: Power and People. It derives from giving the power to run the country to the people. Some may say that there are ways of improving democracy in the UK, whereas others say there is no point in changing anything if it works. In this essay I intend to look at whether it should be changed and critically analyse each point to make an unbiased and justified decision. One potential way in which democracy could be improved is to have more frequent elections. Currently elections are every 5 years. If this was changed to every 2 years for example, then the people of the country would have more of a say more frequently about who runs and governs the country. This was due to David Cameron coming into power in 2010 and decided that elections should be held every 5 years without fail, and not at the Prime Ministers discretion. This would actually increase the level of democracy in effect but may completely defy the objective of politics. If elections were every 2 years, parties could not make any long term goals for the country in fear of losing the next general election. All policies would be short term and therefore not made for any good running of the country and just to gain popularity in the short term. This in turn may not enhance democracy, but lead it to a failing economy and government and may even lead to anarchism. Another potential way of increasing and enhancing democracy would be a compulsory vote. A compulsory vote would mean that people would have to vote without fail, making it against the law to not vote. However people would have the
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