Voting for Our Future

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Voting for Our Future “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union,” must vote. Americans have more power than they think they have, but only if each and every individual exercises his or her right to vote. The problem is that on an important day such as Election Day, only about 58 percent of the population votes. Why is that? Citizens bicker, complain, and protest; yet do not vote. Many would probably say, “It is not a legal responsibility to vote, so why should I?” or “My vote does not count and it will not change anything.” For many years, these have been the thoughts of a multitude of people and their reasons why they do not vote. But let us not be brainwashed. Voting is not only a responsibility; it is a duty. Citizens should be encouraged to embrace their citizenship, and not merely as a duty, but as a meaningful opportunity to participate in their own government for the sake of common good and in building the culture of life. In addition, it is an exercise of significant individual power. Now, most Americans will tell you that our politicians have all the power, but I disagree. Although it is true that our politicians do make the laws, here in the United States of America, the people have the authority. If an individual does not vote, then that individual cannot argue or comment on the outcome of what our politicians do. Even though voting just seems to take up a brief moment of time, it is the most effective way to voice our opinion and choice for all decisions made by our government. America needs to change if America aspires to become a better country. One of the most important rights of an American Citizen is the right to vote. One thing I like about America is that America is a place where one can debate and discuss issues. In the United States of America we have what is called a representative democracy. A
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