Social Service Program: Substance Abuse

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Social Service Program Teen challenge is a substance abuse program developed in the 1950’s to work with adolescents, adults and families in controlling negative addictive behaviour, mainly focusing on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It’s located in outback Victoria, Kyabram. It’s an open program to any individual willing to commit to a change and residential program. It incorporates Christian values and biblical orientation to enable people to become “mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.” There have been three steps developed to be satisfied in order to successfully graduate from the program. Firstly intake, this is where the individual voluntarily signs up into the program, the…show more content…
Although a complex issue, studies have found certain factors that can either advance or set back individuals during recovery, however factors in certain programs e.g. incorporating religious ideologies into the structure of the program, will not suit the needs of all individuals. Being able to tailor a program around an individual that best suits the needs of the teen would most likely result in the best outcome, but unfortunately, is not an efficient method to employ (McCoy, Hermos & Bokhour…show more content…
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