Annotated Bibliography On Homosexuality

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Christians and Homosexuality The issue of homosexuality has been a much discussed topic, and Christians feel as though we either have to accept everything about the issue, or we have to condemn the people who identify as homosexual. The fear of being homosexual or “catching” homosexuality is called homophobia, and it is everywhere in our society. In the media, our families, songs, and schools, such as “Snowtown” we have heard the idea that homosexuality is the most unforgivable sin there is, and that being friends with someone who identifies as homosexual will cause you to be the same way. Although we have a broad knowledge about the harmful effects these attitudes have on homosexuals, many of us still believe that it is just simpler to pretend nothing is happening. The two major results of the attitudes toward homosexuals are suicide and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. These two key factors are why you should consider every fact I present to you. The first question being posed is this: Is it possible to approach homosexuality in a better way? And second, if so how can we, as Christians do so? The first solution is to be comfortable with…show more content…
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