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Annotated Bibliography King, K., Strunk, C., & Sorter, M. (2011). Preliminary effectiveness of surviving the teens® suicide prevention and depression awareness program on adolescents' suicidality and self-efficacy in performing help-seeking behaviors. Journal of School Health, 81(9), 581-590 In King’s article he mainly talks about a survey that is a three page long pretest, an immediate post-test, and then a three-month follow up. There is also a program that focuses on all aspects of reasons of maybe why this person may suffer from possible suicidal thought/feelings. The program is able to give one taking it adoptive ways in coping with feelings of sadness, loneliness, etc. The program King is referring to is makes sure to go through all possible indications of reasons of why one would be feeling like this, through family, school, relationship, really anything that effects teenagers and what stresses them out. Mcart, E. W., Shulman D.A., & Gajary, E. (1999). Developing an educational workshop on teen depression and suicide: A proactive community intervention . Journal of Policy, Practice, and Program, 78(6), 793-806. Involving outreach activities for parents and adolescents in Monroe County, New York that was focusing on health crisis services for youths. There was an educational workshop addressing teen depression and suicide. It was to suggest a proactive, preventive educational approach that would include both primary and secondary prevention modalities. Not just helping a problem but it was bringing more awareness to an increasing issue. Dooley, J. J., Pyzalski, J., & Cross, D.(2009). Cyberbullying versus face-to-face bullying: A Theoretical and Conceptual Review. Journal of Psychology, 63(4), 182-183 There are many causes to why someone may have suicidal thoughts and in this article I read about Cyber Bullying Dooley talked
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