Mental Illness And Homelessness Research Paper

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Running Head: Homelessness and Mental Illness Homelessness and Mental Illness August 6, 2010 Abstract There are well over a million homeless people in Western Europe and North America, but reliable estimates of the prevalence of major mental disorders among this population are lacking. The solutions needed are likely to vary considerably by type of disorder, despite commonalities in some of the serious consequences such as victimization, criminality, suicide, and death from other causes. Homelessness among people living with psychotic disorders, for instance, is often linked to deinstitutionalization in Western countries, although the analysis of the apparent failure of community care does not support a causal role (Leff, 2004).…show more content…
have been unsuccessfully managing the tragedy of homelessness. This is unsustainable. Working to end homelessness is much more humane and cost-effective than the current homeless systems. Social workers should be leading the movement to end homelessness. As advocates at the policy level, case managers and intensive case managers on concrete issues such as public benefits, housing and food, and providing mental health and substance abuse services, social workers can and must work at all levels of the problem and effect change on a grand scale. But they'll need help from homeless individuals and concerned housed citizens (Burt,…show more content…
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