Social Media Versus the World

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Compare and Contrast Essay Social Media Versus the World Do you think cyberspace is flat or even becoming more flat? Will it ever be completely flat? These questions I am going to answer for you in my own opinion. I do not think cyberspace is completely flat, nor will it ever be, but i do think it is becoming more flat. I believe this to be true because people are able to communicate all across the world not just in one country. The world of cyberspace will never be completely flat though because of countries like Iran who are blocking types of social media. One of the biggest activities in cyberspace is the use of social media. Many people use all sorts of social media. I will compare and contrast how I use social media and how other countries may use it in this paper. Most weeks I use only three types of social media: Xbox live, Facebook, and Twitter. I do use a few others but not on a daily or even a weekly basis. I use Xbox live the most out of the three because I play maybe 3-5 hours every weekend. On Xbox Live “You're the star, you are the center of attention”(Beck and Wade 588). As for Facebook I normally only get on it with me phone. I use Facebook when I am board such as when I am waiting to go into class or maybe when I am just sitting around the house with nothing to do. I use Facebook and Twitter everyday, but only for about 10 minutes a day for about 70 minutes a week. Xbox is has more action and more of a role playing thing, while Facebook and Twitter is a place where you go to see what your friends are up to or to look at pictures and stuff. That is why my main use of social media is Xbox Live. Other people in America use social media differently then I do. Some people like Michael Gerson may use a form of social media called MMORPGs, which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (Gerson 575). Social media is overwhelming the

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