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Michael Nguyen/ Thach Nguyen GOVT 2305 – 73431 Professor Sharifian 2/9/2018 The Leaders and The Influence of Social Media During the decades, social media is becoming more popular and it is the tools which connect many people together. In addition, it helps people can catch up the new information, the life, the development of technique. However, many people do not know what harm it will leave and the consequences if they rely on it too much to show up their expression without thinking carefully. Especially, the political problems such cultural problems will affect seriously to the life if someone tried to forge something. First of all, social media such as facebook, twitter are the tools that help people to know the new information every day.…show more content…
1 “Kolb said that social media offers many benefits for law enforcement, such as putting out alerts about emergency situations, finding missing children and issuing crime prevention tips.” ( Jenni Bergal ). Indeed, many situations were solved by the internet in the social media. That become very familiar with everyone. If someone need help to find something, need to report something commonly, they use that type of social media. Moreover, if I was a social media advisor, I will give many advices to the others. Based on my experiences and my best practices, I will let the people the importance of social media and what it could bring to us. First of all, the people need to be careful with what they are going to say because it could leave many serious consequences. For example: somebody said that tomorrow, the price of gas will increase much. So, many people who are their friend will prepare and go to the gas station to fill up their car. Finally, nothing happened and the gas is not be increased. That made the people don’t trust him/her anymore and made them got mad. In addition, some political leader posted what they think in that time such I don’t like the match between 2 team today because there were something unfair, somebody tried to cheating. That made the journalist such the people will investigate what were not be normal. Thus, using social media is useful but the people need to be understood clearly about it in order to avoid something bad happens. If they can control it, everything will be easier and
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