Nternet Censorship Should Be Imposed for the Good of

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" Internet censorship should be imposed for the good of everyone." Do you agree? Support your stand with convincing arguments Internet censorship is very common in this modern society. It is a highly divisive issue. In this modern society, almost all information can be found in the internet and it is easily accessible; therefore, some of the things in the internet may be censored to the user. Internet censorship should not be imposed as this will make the internet meaningless without the correct information given. Censoring makes information given to be inaccurate. Censoring of information may lead to a wrong image perceived by the public. A quote from text A quoted that “we suggest better education for policemen or clearer guidelines for use of force”. From the quote mentioned above, I can infer that without clearer information given, people may not know what is actually going on, hence safety will be compromised. Media in the internet may not be precise if information given is censored, thus the reader might not get the full information given. If there is an issue resulting to a death in a workplace and that the media in the internet is to be censored, many of us may not know what is resulting to the death and how can we prevent it from happening. Sometimes, government around the world use censorship for their own benefit. It stifles the opposition, broadcasting only a particular point of view. I feel that people have a right to know what’s actually going on rather than knowing only half of the truth. However, if there is a top secret in the particular country is being spread around in the internet; censorship might be useful for the government. Usually in the internet, sexual explicit content or media violence will be censored. Censorship in the internet may compromise the entertainment value and also work against creativity. Internet users may find
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