Social Inequality Essay

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Social Inequality Paper Inequality: the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; social disparity. According to the dictionary, the overall definition of social inequality would mean individuals do not have equal social status or reputation. The article, ‘Opinion: There’s More to the Pay Gap Story’, written by Laura Vanderkam and dated September 1, 2010, discussed the wage gap for male and female citizens of the United States. Vanderkam stated that while there are types of discrimination in the workplace resulting unequal salaries, a typical salary for an American worker is now based on how individuals spend their time. The main goal of Vanderkam’s article was to eliminate the social inequality assumption that men make more money than women, and also, that women are no longer going to be considered a minority in the workforce. Vanderkam referenced a Wall Street Journal article that concluded women in major United States cities make anywhere from eight to twenty-one percent more money than male workers (the same age, and in the same field). Vanderkam feels this type of data proves that more women are going to college, and more women are seeking full-time employment after college graduation. Many argue that social inequality still exists, and is in favor of women. In studies provided by the Census Bureau, women proved to have worked more hours per week than men. Vanderkam feels the pay gap is reasonable considering women are beginning to work more hours, but some Americans argue that social inequality is now in favor of women. America is always going to have competitiveness with employee wages. While this is seen as social inequality, it sometimes is morally fair. If women are working more hours than men, many people find it reasonable for women to make more money. From a male point of view, people should be paid based on industry and skill level. It is
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