Be Your Own Therapist: Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

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GENDER DISCRIMINATION IN THE WORKPLACE The following excerpt is from the self help psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist. Recent statistics in some sections of the country have shown that for those under the age of thirty, equal pay for equal work has arrived in the workplace for women, Hispanics and African-Americans (it has been there for some time for Asian-Americans and gays). Great! Workplace gender discrimination is fading! What often has been overlooked by those complaining about gender discrimination in the job market workplace are the choices made by the complainants. Workplace choices made by many of them (for occupations that either pay less or have very high unemployment rates) often perpetuate the disparity in income between them and white males. This is not necessarily bad, though it may seem so at first glance.…show more content…
(5)Earning power has been and is much more a cultural goal for men than for women (though this workplace gender preference does seem to be changing). (6)Entrepreneurial women in fields such as private-practice psychotherapist will, on the average, choose to charge less and thus make less than their male counterparts. African-Americans have often chosen workplace occupations with dreadful unemployment rates such as musicians, artists, actors, basketball players (there are thousands attempting to fit in a few hundred slots), etc. This is rapidly changing now, for many new black lawyers, engineers and business majors are emerging from schools. Great! They will do far more to change workplace statistics than fifty years of government anti-discrimination programs. (There is nothing wrong with picking a poor-paying occupation if that is your passion. But with that choice you may be contributing to the discrimination statistics you claim are caused by racists and gender

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