Social Impacts Of Events

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The social impact of cultural events and festival The social impacts: Definition When talking about social impacts, we refer mostly to changes in the quality of life. These changes can be individual behavior, collective life style, value system and may others. In a study on the Social Impacts of the Way Out West Festival on the Residents of the City of Göteborg of the University of Gothenburg, the authors quote different definition. First, they are mentioning Burdge et al. who describe the social impacts as “the consequences to human populations of any public or private actions that alter the ways in which people live, work, play, relates to one another, organize to meet their needs, and generally cope as members of society. The term also includes cultural impacts involving changes to the norms, values, and beliefs that guide and rationalize their cognition of themselves and their society” while Park says that the social impacts is “the changes in social and cultural conditions, which can be positive or negative, which directly or indirectly result from an activity, project, or programme”. Also Becker and Vanclay say that the social impacts are “impacts actually experienced by humans (at individual and higher aggregation levels) in either a corporeal (physical) or cognitive (perceptual) sense”. Social impacts According to Small et al. quoted in the study assessing The Impacts of Cultural Events in Eastern Finland – Development of a Finnish Event Evaluation Tool written by Katja Pasanen, Heidi Taskinen and Jenni Mikkonen from university of Joensuu in Finland “evaluating the socio-cultural impacts of events is a relatively new issue within the field of event research, but awareness of the need to also measure those impacts has been increasing in recent years”. According to some studies, having major cultural events in a city it’s a must. These festivals
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