Social Engineering In Brave New World

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In a futuristic dystopian society, the World State uses genetic engineering as its most powerful tool to gain control over its citizens. Furthermore, the novel explores some of the other means used in order to eliminate the concept of genetic personality amongst the members of society. The most foremost example of this can be seen through the overuse of the drug soma as well as the encouragement of high levels of sexual activity. Their methods of social engineering and conditioning begin at birth; citizens of society are stripped of their individuality through the ‘Bokanovsky’s Process’ (Huxley. 7) Primarily this concept is meant to emphasize social stability in society. With an iron fist, the government continues to empower its citizens by…show more content…
In using tools such as propaganda and the repetition of well-known ‘clichés’, citizens are tricked into believing what the government needs them to believe. The government divides the society into incompatible castes, which often act as a social barrier. This can be exemplified in the precept that citizens belonging to each class will wear clothes Farhat 1 that will clearly distinguish them from other castes. The most predominant caste is Alphas and the endmost are the Epsilons. The Alphas are seen as the most capable caste in terms of their size and intelligence. In contrast, the Epilsons are too stupid to read or write (Huxley, 20 -21). To further distinguish between the social classes in society, occupations differ based on the caste to which the citizen belongs in. There are several different methods of control used to seize control over members of different casts. For example, this can be seen in the teachings that books and flowers are immoral. At youth, delta children are shocked with sirens so they are discouraged from reading books and liking flowers. To control emotions and discourage family bonding, the government teaches the Alphas that the words “mother” and “father” are extremely offensive (Huxley…show more content…
Soma is an imaginary ideal pleasure drug; a drug that resembles a hangover less tranquillizer or an opiate. The society takes Soma daily and whenever they feel the slightest bit of discomfort or sadness. Soma is their religion. In Brave New World, the author uses the character of Lenina to depict someone who is truly reliant on drugs, such as soma. “Lenina was still sobbing. “Too awful”, she kept repeating and all Bernard’s consolations were in vain. “Too awful! That blood!” She shuddered, “Oh, I wish I had my soma” (Huxley, 78). This quote shows that Lenina craves soma when she is feeling pain so that she can attain back her mental stability. The people in the World State are reliant on Soma. They are impatient of getting their doses of this drug that has no side effects, it is a public drug and it is their perfect escape. In this scene, soma is being distributed to the people of the World State, “ ’No shoving there now!’ shouted the Deputy Sub-Bursar in a fury. He slammed down the lid of his cash-box. ‘I shall stop the distribution unless I have good behaviour’ (Huxley, 144)” This quote shows that the Society is extremely impatient to get their soma and they are becoming violent in order to obtain their stable

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