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One of Vonnegut's best techniques in his stories is using the future as a setting to demonstrate where our world is heading. Welcome to the Monkey House, Vonnegut's popular collection of short stories, contains two such stories. They warn of the dangers of a government with too much power and show how these powers can corrupt good men. The title story of Welcome to the Monkey House is set in a futuristic America with vast overpopulation. In an effort to solve the population problem, the government required that every citizen take pills that made them numb from the waist down, taking all pleasure out of sex. People who refused to take the pills were considered outlaws and termed "nothing heads." Suicide was not only legal, but encouraged, in this…show more content…
All the pills did was take every bit of pleasure out of sex. Thus did science and morals go hand in hand. (Welcome to the Monkey House, p. 29) This passage contains strong hints of sarcasm, and prove that Vonnegut believes that science and government should stay out of our personal lives and out of our minds. While Billy contained all the tradition elements of a villain in this story, he was doubtlessly the hero. Again, Vonnegut's main character is composed of two complementary sides; one good, and one evil; together forming the whole person. We must view Billy, however, as essentially good in order to see Vonnegut's point; that government with this type of moral stronghold on society is essentially bad and will force good men to perform evil acts in the name of freedom. This theme is carried into another story from Welcome to the Monkey House, entitled "Harrison Bergeron." This story, only seven pages long, was expanded into a movie because of the interesting questions it raises. "Harrison Bergeron" is the story of a futuristic world in which everyone is equal. The government regulated

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