The Social Criticisms of Dr. Suess

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Dr. Seuss’s portrayal of Negative Aspects of Human Nature Thesis: In order to teach his morals to an immoral society, Dr. Seuss had to create characters to embody the bad side of mankind, as present in The Lorax, The Butter Battle Book, and The Sneetches. I. Introduction A. Biographical information B. Statement of thesis II. The Lorax A. Summary of story and its historical parallels. B. Description and symbolism of The Once-ler – Corrupt, greedy, anonymous III. The Butter Battle Book A. Summary with a comparison to the Cold War B. The Yooks and the Zooks – hateful, warlike, and destructive people IV. The Sneetches A. History of segregation and hate crimes, wars, and injustice with a synopsis of the story B. Sneetches –discriminatory, jealous, elitist V. Works Cited VI. Appendices A. The Lorax B. The Sneetches C. The Butter Battle Book The Critical Side of Seuss Throughout all of the world’s well-known children’s authors, one stands out above the rest. His name is Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. Seuss was born in a small town in Massachusetts in 1904. He attended Dartmouth College for a while before attending Oxford University in England. After returning to America he got a job as a cartoonist for the Saturday Evening Post. Most of his pre-‘Seuss’ work was done as advertising for the Standard Oil Corporation. He then got several small jobs illustrating a small collection of children’s books. This eventually led up to his career writing and illustrating children’s books. He has since written forty-four of his own children’s novels and has won two Academy Awards, two Emmys, and a Pulitzer Prize among several other children’s authors’ awards. Perhaps the reason he is so famous is for his ability to teaching lessons in each of his works; a modern day Aesop if you will. In order to teach his moral to an immoral
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