Grendel's 'Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf'

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Hoan Truong Mrs. Masters CP English 11 October 28 2011 Purity from Within Good v. evil played as an extremely important theme in both the Beowulf and Grendel text. In Beowulf, Grendel, the mean bloodthirsty monster, obviously represents evil; killing innocent human lives because of his mechanical animalistic behaviors. Beowulf on the other hand was looked up to as a hero. In the human perspective; he was described as strong, courageous hero. In contrast Gardner portrayed Grendel and Beowulf completely different than how Orwell did. We could see a more in-depth complex view of Grendel, the monster himself. The text explains Grendel’s horrible life and includes the explanations to why he does the evil deeds. Gardner shows readers that…show more content…
From the time Grendel was little until now, he had no one to talk to and everyone misjudged him. The deer, the ram the human, all of their first impression toward Grendel was freight. As you can see from the text, when Grendel said, “Pigs!” (27 Gardner), in response Gardner wrote, “the king snatched an ax from the man beside him and, without any warning, he hurled at me” (27) this explained how misjudged Grendel was, just from trying to say the word pig, the human still attacked him as if he was already a monster. The goodness and purity within Grendel was never able to be express because no one has given him a chance. In both the human and animal eyes Grendel is seen like a monster. In conclusion, Grendel can be seen as a monster and could be a good character, which has been though a lot in his life. With no one to neither talk to nor interact with, this lonesome life is what ignited the fire that made him the way he is. You could say he is a bad character if you see things in your perspective, but did you ever try to see it in his point of view? For example, human killings animals, does that mean we are monster. After reading Grendel, readers could see the side of Grendel, and could understand how hard it is for him, and why he is not bad of a character as how he was described in
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