Sympathy For Frankenstein

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Frankenstein was the representative scary character for a long time in my memory before I really read this fiction. The image was the huge body with yellow eyes, hideous and bloody surgery scars, rotten smells, and the horrible monster itself as in the nightmare. This image would be the popular description of Frankenstein (strictly speaking, it’s not Frankenstein but Frankenstein’s creature.) because of many distorted famous movies or cartoons about it. However, I feel no more fear toward him now but only pity and sympathy. If he was in front of me, I would hug him and cry together for his tragedy. This novel, Frankenstein, is not the amusing horror story that conveys thrill to the readers all the time, but opaque story that makes reader think more seriously toward the world and themselves. Irresponsible Frankenstein who created the monster and left him behind and the monster which wanted to get harmony with human but…show more content…
The monster also always runs away from him leaving some traces for Frankenstein. The reason why the monster leaves some marks would be that he didn’t want to break the relationship with Frankenstein because he was the only person who knew and proved the existence of the creature himself in the world. And also the creature thought Frankenstein as a God or father even though he really cursed the Frankenstein who made him to live in the harsh world without any help. We can see this with the tears and ejaculation of creature at the moment of death of Frankenstein. I think this is the most sorrowful part in the whole story. Enormous loneness would be hard to bear for him. I don’t even want to imagine the creature’s situation. How terrible and lonely it would be to know everyone in the world always hate and curse me and there’s nobody that I can communicate
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