Frankenstein Research Proposal - Human Nature

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Soumitra Sarkar ENGL 220 Section 62 Instructor: Mikael Awake Frankenstein Research Proposal 04/22/2015 Frankenstein Research Proposal - Human Nature Branching off of the third topic of the research prompt, I’m making a proposal to work on how Shelly has portrayed human nature in Frankenstein. In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein makes a monster from the best body parts and yet others reject that monster along with it’s own creator. The status quo is that humans are naturally accepting and good people. However, in every single instance, the monster in the novel is rejected. Initially the monster seeks to somehow befriend others. What interests me most is that Shelly is reversing the status quo. Whereas, humans are supposed to be befriending, they are rejecting. And whereas monsters are supposed to be rejecting and mean in a way, Shelly had portrayed the monster as befriending. Another aspect that is interesting is the turn in behavior for the monster. Perhaps the best quote to represent this idea comes from the actualization of the monster to himself in front of Victor’s dead body “My heart was fashioned to be susceptible of did not endure the violence of change without torture” showing how evil nature overcomes the good nature in human beings (Shelly, 158). Initially the monster is very amicable, however, due to continuous rejection, he seeks revenge upon all human beings. Is Shelly saying that even though even nature is good, evil eventually overcomes this good nature? Or Is Shelly saying that human nature is bad and full of rejection and isolation? I would like to work on these questions by analyzing the moments of rejection for the monster and Victor, and seeing how these rejections in life affect their “nature” over the time-span of the novel. Frankenstein Research Proposal - Human
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