Flaws In Frankenstein

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Monsters By: Robert K. Van Fossen April 26, 2012 Van Fossen Monsters are our doubles they share the same character flaws that we, humans, have. Monsters come from our mind they are, for the larger part, just a figment of our imagination. When you think of Hollywood or movie monsters you think of large, grotesque, and suffering from some kind of mental illness. Have you ever looked at the definition of “monster”? The Oxford Dictionary of English states that “monster” is an inhumane, cruel, or wicked person; or a thing or animal that is excessively or dauntingly large; how about to criticize or reprimand severely; or the Latin word “monstrum” meaning portent, omen, or well monster. The purpose of my research here is to show the similarities between us and those infamous creatures that we’ve feared since childhood. All monsters share some character flaws like greed, envy, recklessness, obsession, and the urge or need to cause destruction. Humans share these flaws with monsters. We share greed, greed sadly is what drives and motivates all of us someway or some how Van Fossen Most if not all monsters are characterized by being gross, large, crude. That’s what we think of when we hear or see the word “monster”. But, if we look closer we see that underneath the corroding skin,…show more content…
I believe that the authors of these stories wrote them just to remind us that we can very easily become monsters just as horrifying and gruesome with just a few wrong turns in the way we carry on with our daily lives. Everyday rapists and murderers probably missed the advise that these authors gave us. Just like every day we teach the children of our society to say “thank you” and “your welcome” these stories remind us to keep ourselves in check because if not we are very likely to become just as much of a monster or madman as Victor Frankenstein, his creation, or the Phantom of the
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