Huckleberry Finn Satire Essay

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Jenna Giammalva English 3 per.2 February 1, 2010 Ms. Lindroth Thesis: In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain exposes how ignorance causes violence, and how personal gain overrides moral deeds through the use of satire. Mark Twain’s Notice and Pap’s ongoing diatribe reveals how ignorance undercuts one’s credibility. For example, In Mark Twain’s Notice he cites, “Persons attempting to find a plot will be shot” (2). Twain is exposing the truth in satire throughout the novel and people who don’t understand that are ignorant. In more simple terms, if you only go away from the book with only the plot then you are stupid. Right off the bat though he shows that if you are ignorant then you will get shot, aka your stupidity will result in violence. In addition Pap’s diatribe rambles on about how the government is to blame for his crappy life and that the government treats him like an animal (31-32). It’s ironic because he is saying the government treats him like an animal yet he treats Huck the same. Twain argues that the law should intervene to protect those who are oppressed. Pap’s ignorance causes him to lash out to Huck with his piercing words and hurtful abuse. Ignorance will result in anger and violence. Through the characters of Judith Loftus and The Ferry Boat Man, Mark Twain ridicules morality by showing how society is not capable to good deeds unless there is a personal gain. A perfect example of that is when Judith Loftus shows Huck hospitality. She appears to be generous and nurturing however she is very hypocritical. “Oh child, you’re so naïve. How often do you get an amazing financial opportunity?...I think I know where Jim is, but I’m not gonna tell because I want the money.” (68) Judith Loftus is willing to love Huck as her neighbor but when it comes down to money she will hunt down a colored man as though he is an animal. Judith
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