Social Benefit or Social Disaster Essay

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Social Benefit or Social Disaster Linzi Pumpelly MGT300 – Principals of Management Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Neil Mathur March 8, 2015 Introduction From Facebook, to Twitter to Instagram, social media is being used in some form or fashion almost every minute of every day. Many organizations have started using social media as a tool to interact both internally with their employees, and externally with their customers (Huy & Shipilov, 2012). While there are many benefits to using social media many people feel that there are an equal number of drawbacks. Social media used by an organization is only successful when the drawbacks and communication barriers are taken into consideration and correct policies and procedures are put into place in regards to its use by management and their employees. Social Benefit or Social Disaster In 2007 the word Twitter took on an entirely different meaning with the start of an online social media service. Today Twitter has over 500 million registered users which pale in comparison to Facebook, who passed 1.23 billion active monthly users, 945 million mobile users and 757 million daily users, according to their quarterly report (Protalinksi, 2014). While many of these users are interested in strictly the social aspects a number of companies are now successfully using social media internally to meet important internal goals. These objectives include reducing their costs, especially advertising, increasing revenues and stimulating innovation. Externally, social media has changed the way in which some companies do business online by allowing them to foster personal relationships with customers, target advertising and use social pressure to affect purchasing decisions. One such company, Herschel Supply Co, has seen a 20% lift in their customer service satisfaction rate and a 60% increase in overall
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