Why Twitter Will Endure

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Argument Regarding Twitter: David Carr Why Twitter Will Endure David Carr, Journalist for New York Times, Wrote Why Twitter will endure on January 3, 2010. Carr aims to convince readers that Twitter, unlike many other social networks (example: Facebook, and Myspace) isn’t just another social network to join, and have “hours disappear with nothing to show for it.” Instead he explains, “I’m in narrative on more things in a given moment than I ever thought was possible,” while adding the information hasn’t turned his brain to “mush.” Carr is using his personal experience with Twitter to publically inform readers that Twitter is a good resource to gain information, which in turn will allow the network to endure. Carr uses a personal anecdote describing one of the positive uses of Twitter. “I get a sense of the day’s news and how people are reacting to it in the time that it takes to wait for coffee at Starbucks.” In giving this example Carr is using his logical information that he has gained in using twitter, making readers spark a deeper interested. He is informing the readers that he is not the only person that feels as if Twitter “will endure” as he supplied a remark that Steven Johnson had said, “Twitter is looking more and more like plumbing and plumbing is eternal. Per Carr there are almost 100 million people that have joined Twitter. Rather it’s to follow family, friends, news, or the latest celebrity gossip. Speaking of Celebrity gossip, according to CBS News link, more and more celebrities are using twitter as a way to get paid. Per Celebrity Circuit the Celebrities are being paid to “praise products” on Twitter to their hundreds sometimes millions of followers. What easier way to earn money? That is if you are famous and have a lot of paparazzi, or “followers” shall I say. With this being said, wouldn’t this also help keep twitter alive? Carr shared a

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