The Snare By James Stephens

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the Snare by James Stephens is an emotional poem written by James Stephens. Main theme is love and sympothy towards animals. This poem is based with a rabbit, who is caught in a snare. According to the poem poet is expressing this as a story. This may be his experience long ago or he may have experienced it before. At the begining of the poem he mentions about, "a sudden cry ofpain" unexpectedly. Actually it is a sudden shockfor him as well as for the reader. When he hears the suffering noise, he identifties it as a rabbit. This action shows that he has agood knowledge about animals.He thinks that is anoise of a rabbit without any doubt. "I hear a sudden cry of pain, There is a rabbit in a snare" He is a wise man that alwayspays his attention to the surroundingsand pay much care about others. Suddenly he hears a painful cry and in no time he guessesthat it is a rabbit.May be his experience and knwledge has helped him in this task. But this shows his good qualities as a human being.Now he is thinking about the trzpped rabbt and how to set it free. But there is no way to do it. He cannot find the spot where the rabbit is caughtup. Until the end of the poem he cannot find it but he never gives up this effort.We can think that Jame Stephen's 'the sanre' refers to all the innocent animals who have become preys of crel humans. This is not only about hunting animals, trapping them but also the vast destruction man has made toth e nature by destroyin. He has tried to convey that we should therefore be careful and also pay sympothy towards animals and this effort has become a success as all could feel the messagein the
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